History On The Savannah

A building designed by Berlin-based architect-firm, Studio Libeskind is always a pleasure to behold. Take the Imperial War Museum in the UK, or the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, or even their most notable work – the master-plan behind the rebuilt World Trade Centre in Lower Manhattan.

Studio Libeskind recently unveiled the design behind their latest building project located in Loodariak, Kenya. Called the Ngaren: Museum of Humankind, the building is set to be a bold and stylish addition to its landscape of Rift Valley, a hot-spot for historians as it is where bones were found of the earliest human remains. Commissioned by paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey, the museum is going to be a journey into the past, exploring the 2 million years of evolution.

Though details so far are quite vague, we can see that the exterior of the planned building is said to have been inspired by the tools used by ancient hands and is a vertical spike dug into the earth.

The interior will be an educational space, with interactive exhibits for all ages.

The construction on the museum is planning on starting in 2022, with the doors opening in 2024.

Image credit: Copyright MAQE