Hotel In The Machine

For any gamer, any time spent away from their sacred computer/console screen can be a chore. So when the parents or significant other comes up with the idea of going for a weekend away, their chest becomes tight and anxiety kicks in.

Everyone who knows hotels recognises the Hilton. In the Panama Hilton, there’s a little treat for those tech-guys. A room completely dedicated to video games, courtesy of Alienware. Once any gamer steps through the doors, they are welcomed by Alienware high-tech PC’s alongside 65-inch 4K TV’s, Xbox’s, an Oculus Rift, Alienware laptops connected to 34-inch ultra wide monitors, racing chairs and two double beds. This room was opened for the public in April and will cost guests up to USD$350 a night, which isn’t that bad a price considering the amount of technology on offer.