How Kiwis Improved The American Classic

It’s easy to go over the top with your burgers, and BurgerFuel has always been about pushing the envelope in terms of flavour and ingredients. At this very moment the latest burger out is the Ultimeatum, which is everything the name suggests it is. I trust their judgement when it comes to crafting something delicious, but I would like to shine the spotlight on the American Muscle for a moment.

Coming in single and double sizes, it takes the classic (but boring) American cheeseburger, and elevates it to kiwi ingenuity standards. On the menu it doesn’t look as stacked as the other options, which might make you glance over it, but in this case less is more, and what IS in it adds a lot to the party.

Starting off it has BurgerFuel’s classic aoili, which is so good the government should consider making it a controlled substance. The main ingredient is of course the New Zealand grass fed beef ‘smashed juicy’, which is so good already it doesn’t need any extra unnatural stuff pumped into it, that means it’s pretty much organic vegan meat. That’s how it works right? If one patty isn’t enough for you, ask them to chuck in another. On top of that you have the all-natural melted cheddar, a dollop of dijon mustard, two sliced sandwich pickles and sweet batch-made tomato relish, all wrapped in artisan wholemeal buns, which of course you should probably wrap in a doofer just to be safe.


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