Ep.17 – How To Concentrate On Our Mental And Physical Wellbeing In Times Like These

Dave Letele (AKA, Brown Buttabean) is a walking, talking powerhouse of motivation and inspiration. Having himself lost over 100kg through good nutrition and exercise, he dedicates his time to helping others do the same by teaching them how to live the BBM lifestyle – Brain, Body, Movement. Since 2014, The BBM Program has been focused on educating, supporting and training New Zealand communities that have been struggling with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. They run free boot camps all over Auckland, helping thousands of people lose 1,000s of kilos, and even helped reverse type 2 diabetes. To date, the programme has reached over 8,000 members and saved countless lives. Dave shares with us his vision of the future, the link between mental and physical health and how now more than ever we need to also think about others in times of uncertainty.


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