How to effortlessly match your Friday night shirts

If you’re ever standing at the bar with your mates and suddenly realise you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing when it comes to colour coordination, it’s fine. Hopefully you’ll have another round, push that feeling of dread deep down, and then google it later, bringing you to this article.

There’s a lot to go into. I could teach you how to identify your skin tone so you can pick shirts that complement your epidermis effectively, and I’ll get into it in a future article. But for now I’m going to take you through one simple trick that will get you coordinated in no time.

If you want to wear a nice splash of colour, maybe the bright Red/Blue Precinct Long Sleeve Dot Pattern Shirt, you’ll want to back it up with some neutral tones. I’m talking black, white, grey, navy, or brown. These are your workhorse colours, and they’ll happily work with pretty much anything you layer them with. Pick one fancy colour to go with one of them and you’re away!

If you’re daring, you can bring in another piece of your ensemble in a colour of the same family, which keeps a cohesive look.

The Precinct range of shirts that have just landed at Farmers are a good collection that are as acceptable at work as they are out on the town. The Red/Blue Precinct shirt I mentioned earlier is a great example of the colour splash. The contrasting navy and white patterned trims along the inside collar and cuff helps elevate this look from your standard worker drone shirt to something you can wear at the party or gathering you’re hitting up as soon as the clock hits 5. If you’re thinking you like the trim more than the red, you can inverse the entire deal with the Navy/Red version with the red and white trim.

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