Introducing Aurora, A Brighter Diamond

I know what its like to go hunting for the perfect piece of jewellery for your significant other. All of a sudden you’re learning about carats and other vegetables. Then there’s the minefield of opinions, your loved one’s being the most dangerous. Fortunately, The Diamond Shop is a place in the jewellery world for good, hard science. Advances in diamond design deliver a brighter diamond, and we can scientifically prove it. Exclusive to The Diamond Shop, allow me to introduce you to the Aurora Diamond.

The classic round brilliant cut has been intensively researched over many years as cutters strive to achieve the most brilliant play of light possible within the 58 facets in the stone. The Aurora Diamond however, is handcrafted with a unique patented faceting arrangement with 73 strategically placed facets, and that’s why the Aurora Diamond is a major breakthrough. Aurora’s unique 73 facets is scientifically proven, guaranteed through Sarine Technologies, world leaders in advanced diamond grading and light measurement, to produce more light, more reflections, more fire and more sparkle than any other diamond.

Don’t be dull, get them a better and brighter diamond. Pop in and see the difference for yourself at The Diamond Shop showroom.

Exclusively available at The Diamond Shop – 28 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.