Jimmy and John: Brrrn That Fat

Brrrn is the scientifically backed work out in the cold created by the New York duo Jimmy Martin and Johnny Adamic. The premise is that working out at lower than room temperature will allow fitness lovers to burn more calories and fat whilst limiting fatigue and raising your tolerance to cold weather. Their studio located in Manhattan, offers classes in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius as well as an infrared sauna that will boost circulation and help you relax after your cold session. Brrrn has cited research by Maastricht University in the Netherlands that suggests exposing people to the cold would cause them to increase their body’s energy expenditure, offsetting the accumulation of body fat. The researchers even believe that this research could combat the obesity epidemic. Provided that you’re not working out in severe, hypothermia-inducing temperatures, exercising in the cold is an option to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your training.