JLab Epic Sports Earbuds

When you’ve experienced the strain of running with block-like headphones with wires twisting around you, you’ll agree that finding the right music headset whilst exercising is a definite necessity.

2018 seems to be the year of great music gadgets! JLab has recently released a new set of strong, waterproof, and oh-so-nice-to-wear earbuds. In 2016, they launched the Epic 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds to wide acclaim. Compared to these 2018 earbuds, it has the same design and feel but it’s so much more advanced.

The 8mm buds provide a smooth sound with strong bass and come in eight different sizes to mould and fit to different ear-types. Whether running or hiking, these earbuds are secure and customizable for everyone. These third-generation JLab Epic Sports earbuds have three main modifications compared to its predecessor…customisable sound profiles, waterproofing and a new charger. The three sound profiles include Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost.

The Signature profile maximises on the vocals and bass in a song, the Balanced neutralizes both the music and vocals for a smoother sound and the Bass Boost is quite self-explanatory. The waterproofing of the device is a good addition, helping it not die when you get a bit too sweaty. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity, these earbuds can be accessed at anytime via Smartphone devices, and pick up music through Youtube. To charge this small device, the charger itself plugs into a magnetic USB charger and lasts approximately 12 hours. You can grab a pair of these earbuds online at websites like Ubuy and on their website for about $60.

Coolness rating: 7/10