Knit-Picking: A look at the New Balance 247 Deconstructed Knit


The sneaker world is filled with beautifully slick nuances, detailing and room for expression – probably why the “sneakerhead” following is so massive. Knit in the sneaker-sphere has great crossover appeal for both fitness fanatics looking for something functional, but also in casual wear where knit provides a different dimension of texture and detailing. The latest New Balance 247 Deconstructed Knits represent both worlds but with a more defined focus towards the style side. 

The understated “N” with the knit detail is a nice move, and the white/gum sole creates a great point of difference – with room to play with colourways like black, red, grey and beige. With a low-top design, pair these bad boys with some cropped joggers for a “casual athletic” touch.

With four solid colourways to pick from, New Balance’s 247 Deconstructed Knit gives plenty of options for an “athletic casual” look.