Do you ever look at food in the fridge and think to yourself…“how long have you been sitting there for?” A steak may look alright, but you can never be sure. Eyesight is a gift that we seem to take for granted.

At the start of this year, LinkSquare launched a second pair of eyes onto the market…but these eyes are a little different. Coming into the world as a hand-held device, the LinkSquare can scan what you eat, drink or other things you buy. It can see if that food in the fridge is off or not, check nutrition levels, see liquor by its alcohol level and medicine by its content, all by just scanning it.

The Linksquare uses an algorithm that makes the device act as a spectrometer, a device that uses light to analyze spectral fingerprints. LinkSquare’s can also check jewelry, clothing or any other miscellaneous items. You think of the object, and LinkSquare checks it! Pretty amazing.

The kickstarter for this little gadget has been growing steadily around the world and will soon be available globally by the end of the year. You can buy now on LinkSquare’s website for USD$300.

Coolness rating: 9/10