Logan Dodds Captures The Action

Being the social media sensation that he is, Logan Dodds is evidently no stranger to being in the limelight. When it comes to capturing the right mood, combined with the right moment, his vision is faultless and his adventurous spirit makes for some of the most breath taking and jaw dropping moments ever to grace the screen of a Samsung smartphone. Here are a selection of ‘behind the scenes’ action shots taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. With its ‘on the move’ versatility (even underwater) and ability to take shots in all lighting conditions, the S8 is the ideal choice to be the lens behind the man behind the lens.

What features on the Samsung GS8 have changed the way you take shots?

The underwater camera is the standout epic feature. The depth of field is also a massive game changer – it will definitely up your Instagram game. Not only can you shoot in RAW, but unlike an old school camera the GS8 lets you edit and upload to the gram on the go.

What was the scariest moment of this trip?

I took my mate Jesse James along with me, and neither of us thought there was one scary moment. We both live for this type of adventure – I crave those moments in life when you just have to take a second and think “holy heck it is good to be alive”.

Can you give some tips for taking great extreme action shots?

The satisfaction of getting that “banger” and being super stoked about getting the perfect shot is what it’s all about. I’d recommend investing in some quality equipment that’s up to the task, be patient and willing to hang around if things don’t go your way, and have the courage to push the boundaries. We were stoked to be able to take the GS8 along for this trip. The camera is unbelievable, and the battery life was really good so we were always prepared to capture the next epic moment.

What tips do you have for any budding shark divers?

100% do it. The experience is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. But you’ve got to be patient! They might take all day to show up.

What about travel do you love the most?

My connection with travelling comes from somewhere deep within my soul. I lost my dad unexpectedly when I was 18, he unfortunately never got to travel, so it’s a massive driving force as to why I do it a lot. It’s a big wide world out there, we in NZ are only one small page of the book.

Why is it important for you to share your experiences?

I love to create and share content, and hope to inspire someone to chase their dreams and live for the moment. For me, I’m just living a life that puts a smile on my face.