Make It Black

When you think of dynamic, precise movements, you think of the best sportsmen in the world. Usaine Bolt for instance, or more closer to home, the All Blacks. When translating this idea to tools, it seems intuitive to apply it to fountain pens. that’s when we start to bring in keywords like Timeless and Quality. That’s exactly what Faber-Castell embodies with its line of Fountain pen e-motion’s. These high-quality stainless steel nibbed fountain pens are the perfect fit for a partnership with the All Blacks, the logo of which has been laser engraved onto the side.

The first All Blacks, ‘The Originals’, toured over the course of 1905 and 1906, and set the bar for all future teams. We came out the gates kicking and showed everyone we were a force to be reckoned with. Faber-Castell started their own journey 144 years prior to this, and their writing and art instruments have stood the test of time. Personally, stacks of their Indian Ink fineliners have filled my shelves at home.

The stainless steel nib of the e-motion has been designed for smooth writing and is finished entirely in black, because that’s only fitting. The piece has been crafted from anodised aluminium, while the cap and grip are made of chrome-plated black matte metal. For texture, an intricate guilloche crosshatch indents the grip. The elegant 6mm logo sits subtly at the top end of the barrel.

It comes loaded with black ink and a medium width nib, but more colours can be ordered if necessary. All of this comes packaged in a gift box with an attractive printed slip case.
Personally, I think it’s only right that it’s All Black.