Man on the Street – Mathew Thomson

Age: 42
Occupation: Founder & head distiller Thomson Whisky

What do you have for breakfast? Free range poached eggs on Vernerdi Six Seed toast & plunger coffee – we have a coffee machine but I prefer plunger

What is your morning routine? Get up, have breakfast then go and make whisky

What’s your dream car? DS Citroen

What is the top spot on your bucket list? Going on a big walk through the Himalayas

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? Find out your food allergies and have more belief in yourself

How do you stay motivated? Well actually my wife and I funded the business for six years from other jobs before taking any wages from our ‘start up’ so now that I can work full time making whisky and running this business its not hard to stay motivated.

If you didn’t need money, what would you do? Making whisky is actually what I want to do, Thomson Whisky isn’t a brand that we are building up to sell. But I would like to spend some more time overseas.

What is your secret to success? Integrity I think. Don’t worry too much about what the competition is doing just do what you think is good.

What is your best one liner? ‘And this here is our breakfast whisky’

What is your favourite restaurant to frequent? Hallertau Brew Bar

What is your secret to living a longer, more satisfying life? Enjoy what you’re doing at the time, don’t worry about wether you’re a success or not