Man On The Street – Simon Keepa

Age: 31
Occupation: Physiotherapist – Director of PhysioACTION
What’s your morning routine?

Wake at 6am, usually to the sound of my son. A quick breakfast. Out the door at 7am to treat patients or get to the office.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

NRL Grand Final/Royal Randwick Races combo Weekend in Sydney. Take a European sabbatical. Grab a pizza in New York.

What advice would you give your 20 year-old self?

You may not realise it, but in the end, it always works out.

How do you stay motivated?

Having the ability for my wife to be a stay-at-home mother to our son is the only motivation I need.

If you didn’t need money, what would you do?

A four day working week would be nice.

Mentoring young business owners. I fell into owning a business five years ago and learned vast amounts from my business mentors, so to repay the favour would be satisfying.

What is the secret to success?

Staying focused. Enjoying what you do. Staying away from social media as much as you can.

What is your advice for people to fund their dream?

Save. Do you need that new pair of shoes? Is that last round of drinks necessary? Really, a $20 Smashed Avo breakfast? I look back at the disposable income I had from years gone by and wonder how I could managed to get through it on a weekly basis.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

The Grove is fantastic, but if I’m after something a little more casual then it’s hard to go past China Hong Kong restaurant in Birkenhead.

What is the secret of living a longer, more successful life?

Get a balance between your work life and your home life. Enjoy both, but not together.

What makes you feel alive?

Pressure. Deadlines. Exceeding people’s expectations.