Mavic Air Drone

A new age of droning has begun. Thanks to DJI’s latest Mavic drone, it feels like the sky’s now the limit!

A powerful, little device, the Mavic drone is fantastic for consumers as it’s affordable, and compatible to any novices. A three-directional environment sensing provides this designer device with technology on all the other electronic aerial devices out there. It is the most portable aerial device on the market. It weighs around 1.5kg, and moves at a speed of 16m per second. Everything about this drone is simply and beautifully presented with an eye-pleasing design of four overarching arms that hold the propellers. Flying it is a pleasure; just about as simple as it can get with flying a drone. Everything can basically be controlled from the remote provided in the pack. An analogue wheel on the left of the remote controls the up and down motion of the drone. The wheel on the right hand-side controls the exposure of the device, and the buttons control the recording and taking pictures of the drone. The cheeky little drone can fly up to 4km away and a dedicated ‘return-to-home’ button has been installed by the manufacturers. Also, if you wave at the drone (wherever it is in its 4km radius) it’ll take a selfie of you. A neat little addition. The recording device attached to the drone records up to 4k 30 frames per second. It also features a full HD 96k video recorder, and has abilities that can slow down the recording to drop the tempo to a much smoother 60 frames per second. You can buy a DJI drone from the service providers online, or from selected retail outlets around the country!