Nature Calls

Let crisp, woody scents and botanically inspired products lead the way for a fresh feel to an endless summer.

Sebastian Professional eVOLUTION Whipped Crème, 27ml, $12.50; Sebastian Professional Shaper iD, 200ml, $32.30; The Bodyshop Wooden Shaving Brush, $28.75; Bulgari Man Wood Essence, EDP, 100ml, $164; The Bodyshop WHITE MUSK® For Men Hair & Body Wash, 200ml, $28.50; Sebastian Professional eVOLUTION Dark Oil, 30ml, $24.90; Kent 82T Large Folding Comb, $17.50 from; Boss The Scent Private Accord For Him, EDT, 50ml, RRP $115; Bluebeards Revenge Privateer Mach3 Razor, $100 from; The Bodyshop HEMP Hard-Working Hand Protector, $26.95.