Nature Needs Heroes

Releasing their infamous original yellow boot in 1973, the old-school-turned-hipster-trendy footwear brand, Timberland has long been devoted to high-quality shoes. When you are wearing a Timberland, you’re comforted by the reliability and fit of a good pair of kicks.

Released recently by Timberland, the MTCR (Moc Toe Crafted Chukka Reimagined) Boot is made from leather from a silver-rated tannery, earning praise for the environmental practices. They didn’t stop there. The boot features lining made from 50 percent recycled PET. Before you start thinking of fluffy kitties and Golden Labradors, PET is actually polyethylene terephthalate that is usually found in polyester and plastic bottles. Timberland doesn’t intend to burst a customers bubble with this lesser exciting news, but hopefully improve the eco-consciousness of shoe manufacturing.

Award-winning Taiwanese-American singer, actor and entrepreneur, Will Pan, is backing this Nature Needs Heroes campaign with Timberland to promote looking cool and caring for the world at the same time.

Timberland is also offering an Ecoriginal Anorak, which is 100 percent PET to add to the style. The MTCR Boots come in two styles. As well as the titular style, which if offered in spruce yellow and wheat full-grain dusky, there’s also the MTCR “6, that comes in black nubuck.