Never Go Anywhere Without Your Breitling Navitimer

As far as top of the line watches go, you really can’t go wrong with the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43. They’ve been going strong since 1952, being a favourite of pilots and aeronautical enthusiasts alike. Their design is both contemporary and timeless, this isn’t the sort of watch you’re going to regret when fashions changes in a couple years.

It has reliable performance and really pops with its steel case, black dial with red seconds hand, silver chronograph counters and applied hour markers. The Navitimer is self-winding, has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours and is available in steel, steel & gold, and red gold, as well as other dial colours.

If that isn’t enough options for you, in 2019 they released three special Navitimer Airline Editions in honour of the golden age of aviation, of which they were apart.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern points out: “For civil aviation history lovers and watch aficionados, the very mention of these legendary carriers calls to mind the excitement and adventure associated with long-haul flights. For a more fashion-oriented clientele, there’s the allure of the style of a time captured in classic movie scenes of passengers enjoying the premium service provided by smiling, colorfully-uniformed crew members. Breitling was the preferred supplier of more than 15 leading companies and aircraft manufacturers back in the 1960s, and, with our first capsule collection, we are really excited about commemorating the most emblematic airlines of that era, starting with Swissair.”

The Navitimers famous circular aviation slide rule was the original aircraft computer for those early pilots flying the Boeing 707’s and the Douglas DC-8’s. Breitling had already became standard equipment in the cockpit with their onboard chronographs in the old propeller places, all the way to jets going supersonic.

Whether you’re in the air or grounded, never leave behind your Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43.


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