New to Watch From Watch Me

Just Be Cool

Flava hosts Daz and Ast have a slight problem on their hands; After a rather large, successful promotion that has sold out a debut gig featuring Buck Nasty and his smash hit “Just Be Cool”, Daz and Ast are the flavour of the moment. Unfortunately they are missing one important element – Buck Nasty himself – who is oblivious to the whole competition. The desperate radio DJs have to find Buck Nasty quickly, while hiding the search from Buck’s adoring fans and their suspicious boss Hayden.

INTERN Season 2

If you find the office politics bad enough at your workplace, spare a thought for radio ZM’s intern Ellie as she deals with the egos, workplace manipulations and just out and out madness of ZM’s on-air personalities. Now into its second season on, Intern makes The Office (both UK and US versions) look like a HR training course. As an intern for intern for ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan show, Ellie has to deal with systematic psychological abuse, attempted murder and a friendship-ending fidget spinner. Like all WatchMe shows, Intern has binge-worthy, snackable episodes. Perfect for watching at the office to remind yourself that things could be a whole lot worse.