New Whisky Alert: Fire & Cane

Whisky lovers need no introduction to Glenfiddich. Its reputation as the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky is undisputed. For the last wee while they’ve been doing an experimental range, with results that take inspiration from everything, from IPA to icewine. Now their fourth experiment, dubbed “Fire & Cane”, has come to fruition in the form of a smoky whisky, finished in sweet rum casks.

The experimentation of Fire & Cane actually began as far back as 2003, when Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, first ran peated spirit through the stills. Since then, the process has been refined with Fire & Cane, marrying smoky whisky with non-peated malts that had been maturing side-by-side in bourbon casks. The sweet and fruity signature of the whisky is then finished in Latin rum casks to produce a surprising and unexpected overlay of flavours with added caramel toffee sweetness.

“This new single malt truly encapsulates the spirit of experimentation. We started with a question – what would happen if we did something with peat that we had not done before? The answer is an unconventional and unexpected whisky, one that is truly surprising,” said Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman. “During the tastings, some experienced the unusual smoky notes, while others tasted toffee flavours – this phenomenon can be attributed to the Scotch spending three months in sweet rum casks. It’s a bold combination, which I’m sure will appeal and intrigue single malt enthusiasts as well as those looking to try something new and different.”


• NOSE: Billowing soft peat notes, like distant smoke carried on the wind.
• TASTE: An explosion of smoke, like a campfire built with Highland peat (but no medicinal Island notes). Overlaid with oak notes and deep toffee.
• FINISH: Lingering smokiness.
• KEY NOTES: Campfire smoke.


• NOSE: Lots of rich sweet toffee with some zesty fresh fruit notes and a lively spiciness.
• TASTE: A core of classic green fruit character, with the deep sweetness of baked apple and toasted marshmallow. Overlaid with soft smoke and wood spice.
• FINISH: Long-lasting sweetness.
• KEY NOTES: Sweet toffee.


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