Polling the Nation

We took to social media for your opinions on these hot topics

PETA Campaign comes from left field

A PETA campaign featuring Alicia Silverstone puts shearing sheep into the spotlight for being what they think is unethical.

“This is quite frankly ridiculous and another predictable example of what PETA resort to when they seek attention on a global scale,” says Federated Farmers Meat & Fibre Chair Miles Anderson.

“The implication that shearing sheep is cruel or mistreatment is mystifying to most kiwis let alone farmers. Sheep naturally grow wool and if we didn’t shear them it would great animal welfare issues, such as fly strike or discomfort having to carry a 5kg plus fleece around in the heat of summer.

“Shearing is like getting a haircut, simple as that.”

PETA was also upset that lambs were born in the winter, despite this being when Ewes naturally cycled to.

Is It Time For New Zealand To Move Away From MMP?

You voted, Winston got to decide. Are we stuck in a first past the post mindset when it comes to forming government, or is it time NZ looked at other systems such as STV?

“MMP as a system is great, it’s NZ politics that has ruined it. We have the Greens who could work with national and promote environmental causes, but they won’t. Look at the parties Merkel is working with to form her next government in Germany and you will see it doesn’t have to be Left v Right.
National and Labour could also do what Germany has done for two of the four last elections and form a grand coalition, then the good ideas from both parties could be implemented and we could see genuine progress and compromise between national and labour. Don’t blame the system, blame politics.”

Is It Okay For Dads To Use Parent Changing Rooms?

A Father in Australia was accused of being a “sicko” and having security called on him by a Mother in a Parent’s room at a shopping mall. The man was changing the nappy of his child when the woman tried to publicly shame him. What’s your view on dads using parent’s rooms?

“Hello, a dad is a parent, how awful for the dad taking care of his child. The mother is actually being legally discriminatory ?? I have always understood that other family members may be in the room actually especially when they have more than one child and are helping eg. a grandparent (male or female )”