Porsche is Bringing out 7 Limited Run Yachts

With a total price of 12,500,000€ (about 21 million NZD) and a delivery date of 2019 Porsche can build you a palace for the seas.

The Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid by Studio F.A. Porsche brings multiple firsts to the yachting world. This 35m superyacht is the first you can configure and order online, the first with two engine rooms in her size category, and the first to combine a top speed of 21 knots speed with Transat range.

As a modern gentlemen’s superyacht, the starting point for the interior design was the Pepita houndstooth fabric, which was used by the 911 series in the 70’s and runs throughout the yacht. This pattern has been offset with high-gloss Macassar ebony veneers, dark brown saddle leather, Alcantara, Persian carpets and rare Sahara Noir marble.

The GTT 115 draws on the latest technology with her round-bilge hull form, podded propulsion, Hull Vane and exclusively developed stabilisation system with 4 fins and interceptors. Her bespoke hybrid system and energy-saving, variable-speed generators are tributes to Dynamiq’s strong belief in the sustainable future of yachting.

The GTT115 has a forward garage that that can store a 15-foot tender and jet-ski. Its forward position – unusual for a yacht of this size – provides not only great storage capacity, but also removes tender operations away from the guest areas in the stern.

For ultimate acoustic comfort, an optional hybrid power package means that with the main engines switched off the generators can power two ultra-compact 20kW electric motors, allowing the yacht to reach 6 knots in complete silence for an unlimited period of time.

A limited edition of just seven GTT 115 yachts will be manufactured, making the model a truly unique collector’s edition.