Project Cars 2, Such a Brutal Game

Our Father, who art in V8’s, hallowed be Thy Mercedes AMG. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Hockenheim, on Silverstone. Give us our daily petrol, and forgive Gran Turismo, as we forgive those who still think it’s the best; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

My God this game is amazing…….. This is so much better than Project Cars 1 it’s unbelievable the improvement. If you have an Xbox One then this is as good as the amazing Forza 7. If you have a PS4 then this is the only car game to get. Gran Turismo lost its way a long time ago and now Project Cars has destroyed any hope of it coming back. This game has it all. Huge track list, 170 cars, great graphics, full control over weather, rally cross, indy cars, the sound of the engine and tyres are off the hook. For those new to driving games you’ll need a bit of patience because no matter how many driving aids you put on this is not an arcade game so expect spin outs and massive crashes often. Battle through the first few hours and then you’ll be on your way. For the hardcore ratchet down the assists and learn to cry often. It’s brutal. What a game. Amen!

From: Slightly Mad Studios

Platform: Xbox One, PC , PS4

Out of 10: 9.5