Pushing The Barrel Out

It’s a really easy thing to get into a bit of a routine with things. This is of course a broad statement that covers most aspects of life, from habits through to tastes. In the wine world though, it is also true. It’s easy to get into a bit of a varietal groove. It might be “Chardonnay only darling” all the way for you, for example, but variety, as they say, is the spice of life and in times when new routines and habits are being formed, why not throw in a new wine for good measure?

One that we are excited about is the Poderi Crisci Pinot Grigio. A wine with Mediterranean roots but produced locally in Waiheke Island. Actually, both the founder and the varietal have Mediterranean roots. Anyone in the hospitality game, or most people who have been out for dinner once or twice in Auckland, will know that Antonio Crisci has helped shape the hospitality scene here. Well, now he is here to help shape your wine collection.

While Pinot Grigio is a close relative of the Pinot Gris and in fact share the same grape, the Gris is based on the French Alsace style of being riper and richer, with more alcohol and sometimes a little sweetness; while the Grigio is based on the Italian model of being lighter and simpler with less alcohol.

The Poderi Crisci Pinot Grigio has a particular freshness, dryness and a full flavour profile thanks to a very low crop yield. This makes for unique wine with great richness and finesse. If you want some tasting notes to impress at your next dinner party or drinks via Skype, you can say that it is “Flinty and driven on the nose, with hints of apple and pear offers a hint of lifted acidity and bone dry palate characteristics.”
This wine is great with white meats and creamy pasta dishes or even accompanying a bit of solitary lockdown contemplation.

Luckily, Poderi Crisci can deliver and will also do for free within Auckland for a minimum order size.

Visit podericrisci.co.nz

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