Ep.12 – Scientist and Entrepreneur Talks Disruptive Technologies in Global Healthcare

A former street kid, Sir Ray Avery went on to become an internationally recognised scientist and entrepreneur and Knight of the Realm. He’s founding member of the Auckland University School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and former Technical Director of Douglas Pharmaceuticals who, over the past thirty years, has made a major contribution in the development of New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry.

Sir Ray uses disruptive technology and thinking to develop game changing businesses and provides companies with the tools to create a culture of innovation.

Working throughout Africa and Asia and exposed to the raw and real shortcomings in healthcare, Ray was determined to use his knowledge of Pharmaceuticals, Science and Product Design to tackle big health issues endemic throughout the developing world at a very practical sustainable level.

In 2003, Ray founded Medicine Mondiale, an international network of scientists, technologists and Nobel Laureates’ who develop disruptive technologies that make quality healthcare accessible on a global scale.


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