See everything that happened at the M2 HP Future of Work Event

After work on Wednesday 16 October, M2 and HP teamed up discuss the exponential changes in the future of the way we will work.

Sixty-five percent of children now entering primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist. (Source: World Economic Forum)

This event also doubled as the NZ launch of the powerful and sleek HP Elite Dragonfly. Purpose built for the flexible and “on the go” nature of our changing work lives.

Our panel was comprised of four people who are helping shape the way we work:

Andy Dharmani.
The founder of Ako which is a breed of locally-based tech company that is creating AI powered digital assistants. Prior to that, Andy was one of the original 10 employees of 2degrees at launch and built the critical IT systems that allowed to it grow into the player that it has become today.

Melanie Reece.
A founding director of Cataliize Global Innovation who helped set up a global network of 170 on-demand entrepreneurs to help mid-stage companies with their global launch plans.

Andy Higgs
On the Executive Team at Fintech Venture Studio Centrality, where he leads a portfolio of startup and early-stage ventures in the blockchain space. His governance roles include Directorships at Rotorua Economic Development (RED), Blakeley, City On and CentraPass.

Kathryn Wilson.
After launching her footwear label in 2003 when she was just 22, Kathryn Wilson has created an iconic brand that is recognised globally. She is now not only recognised as one of the country’s leading designers but also entrepreneurs.