Ep.26 – Buy Global But Don’t Forget To Sell Global

As the founder of Shine Global, a group of global entrepreneurs who see business and enterprise as way to create positive change, Julian Noel is no stranger to the thoughts that many of us are having right now in terms of how we rebuild but in a positive way. Part of this the importance of clarity of vision but also leveraging a community approach to solving the big problems. And while Julian is part of the advisory team to the New Zealand Made Products facebook page which has grown to almost 400,000 members in just a few weeks he is also a part of the Stimulus Summit which is a global gathering of founders, investors and entrepreneurs who are uniting across the continents to share insight on how to thrive in the post Covid-19 world. The point here is that we might be separated from the rest of the world but we can still do business with it and Julian is focused on taking our products out to that market.


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