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E-Sports has taken the world (both the real and the virtual) by storm over the last few years. Not only do audiences rival the world’s largest sporting matches but some players have reached superstar athlete status. In fact, some gamers are bigger than some superstar athletes across the metrics of fanbase, status and earnings. And while E-Sports might be all about on-screen performance, serious gamers have to make sure that they are at peak fitness, so to help with this side of things adidas has developed the ultimate gamers running shoe, the adidas X9000. 

Not only does the name sound like a futuristic robot enforcer but the shoes have been designed to pay homage to the cyberpunk aesthetic which has spawned largely out of the gaming world. Think nighttime puddle-soaked streets reflecting neon signs dwarfed by high-rises and you get the gist. Thermosetting rubber, that reflects iridescence under light, just like this neon night scene, is a key design feature. A knitted upper depicts the virtual network space of connected server rooms and internet connectivity that made multi-player gaming possible. 

The glitch outsole inspired by computer-generated pixels not only looks cool but also gives some serious traction. Speaking of gaming terminology, there is also an energy return reward from the BOOST midsole. This new-cut texture full-length midsole is integrated with the sharp streamlined shoe body to provide rebound for both feet with different thicknesses and angles used in the front, middle, and rear of the outsole to provide precise support. Two translucent stability modules are embedded in the forefoot of the outsole to ensure stability while creating a technological texture, just like the smart chip of the X9000 series of shoes, helping runners gather advanced potential energy. Another example of the blend between science, technology and sport.

No article that is filled with gaming analogies would be complete without touching on levels. Levels of course are the framework of any good gameplay and show progression through this world of challenges and skills. The clever people at adidas have kept this in mind when setting out the models for the X9000 series. So depending on your running obsession level you can opt for the X9000L3 or the X9000L4.

The adidas X9000L3 shoes are a comfortable and lightweight shoe featuring a hybrid midsole that combines Boost in the forefoot and EVA in the heel. This means responsive cushioning in the forefoot and lightweight cushioning in the heel.

For those ready  for the next level, the adidas X9000L4 shoes are highly adaptive running shoes featuring a lightweight knit upper and an adaptive-traction outsole that was designed from computer-generated data to move with your natural footstrike and provide grip on varied terrains.

The X9000 series by adidas is available at Platypus shoes, the home of the X9000. Get yours at

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