Smarten Your Ride

GPS bike computers are very much becoming the norm now when it comes to going for a cycle. Smartphones utilize the ability of watching exactly where you are at any time, what the best route to take is and how many kilometres you’ve done. The American multinational technology company, Garmin, has released their Edge 1000 model for the riders convenience. It features a three inch touch-screen to show the routes riders like to travel down, providing turn-by-turn navigation. The bike computer can connect to your Android and compatible electronic devices and add features to your ride, like LiveTrack and GroupTrack, an interactive system to join up with other riders. This bike computer is easy and quick to set up to be used as soon as it’s taken out the box. Weighing at about 116 grams, the computer is light and can fit on any bike handle. It works on a lithium battery of up to 12 hours, holds 16 GB of memory so can remember track history of 200 hours. This bike computer is approximately $435 on their website and can also be found in bike specialist shops around New Zealand.