Sports News – February 2018

Tweaked Super Rugby season set for another trial

The ever evolving (or is it revolving) Super Rugby competition has had another makeover for 2018 and once again, the same story-lines exist. Can the Blues make the semifinals like they always predict and expected to do? Will the Crusaders make the final again and what new All Blacks hopefuls will announce themselves? A new conference make-up at least throws a new spanner in the works but the more things change with the SANZAR tournament, the more they stay the same. We may be pleasantly surprised….

52nd Super Bowl guaranteed to be bigger and better

Arguably more ‘super’ than the local equivalent, the 52nd Super Bowl will again push entertainment in sports boundaries and not fail to disappoint on the field either. The growing swell of support here Downunder has come at a time when recent heroes of Grid Iron have played their part perfectly, the famed Quarterbacks writing their own headlines. The short and sharp season is favoured by many where in comparison, the nine month rugby season, drags. Come February 4 though, just as much interest will be on the halftime showmanship as the scoreboard.

Social and sporting event of the summer

The Land Rover Polo Open, held in Clevedon is back again this year on February 18. This is always a fun event for Polo fanatics and those who just like to have a good time. You can purchase individual tickets or book a corporate group to take the office team along. Just make sure you are up to scratch with the lingo, so you know when to stomp the divots and when someone has scored.