Squirrels vs Sharks

Sharks have been in control of the personal loan market for too long in New Zealand with high interest rates, unfair fees and unreasonable terms.

Imagine a world where home owners are actually rewarded when it comes to borrowing money, instead of being made to jump through hoops when they’ve already proved themselves reliable borrowers.

Imagine a world where, as somebody who owns their own home and has a list of home improvements, you have access to up to $70,000* at the click of a button, without getting put through the third degree.

Imagine a world where home owners don’t get ripped off when they need some extra cash for a new roof, bathroom, kitchen or other renovation.

Get a fair deal

It’s not about getting yourself further into debt with an extortionate interest rate. It’s about getting a fair deal from somebody who understands that you’ve already got a mortgage to pay and you need to continue to make good decisions with your money.

No fees and a low rate of 7.95%

Squirrel has taken on the sharks with a revolutionary personal loan product designed especially for homeowners with no fees and interest-only payments at just 7.95%p.a. for up to a year. Taking payments on a $30,000 personal loan to just $203 per month for the first year.

During that first year, borrowers can choose whether they want to bundle the personal loan into their mortgage (which is where we can help too) or keep it separate on an interest rate of just 8.95%p.a. paid off over 2 or 3 years or 9.95%p.a. paid off over 5 or 7 years.

We invite you to read the fine print, as this really is as good as it sounds. Squirrel are challenging homeowners to find a better deal, anywhere in the country.

Let’s change the game in financial services in New Zealand. Who says sharks have to stay at the top of the food chain?

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The Squirrel Homeowner’s Loan helped us get a new roof, insulate our childrens’ rooms and replace the old timber frames with aluminium double glazed in the bedrooms. We’ve lived in our home for 7 years and it’s freezing. Next winter my kids will be warmer and the roof won’t leak!” – Rachael, Auckland.