Starship Technologies Food Delivery Of The Future

With the increasing prevalence of Uber Eats and selfcheckouts, we are hurtling towards the on-demand, automated future. Contributing to this is Starship Technologies, aiming to deliver your meals and mail using unmanned delivery robots, ultimately improving short distance deliveries by making them “faster, smarter and [more] cost efficient”.

Founded by former Skype co-founders, Ahti Henla and Janus Friis, Starship has raised $28 million (NZD) in seed funding to date and has a strong northern hemisphere presence: developing their products in Estonia, establishing its headquarters in London and setting up offices throughout Europe and the United States.

These driverless monochrome boxes rove on footpaths, avoiding traffic congestion and the restricting rules that drones in contemporary cities are prone to, making the robots perfectly geared for any modern metropolis. Matching the futuristic exterior, is an energy efficient hardware using the same amount of energy as an average light-bulb, meaning that Starship robots are the most environmentally friendly option for your late-night food delivery needs.

Keep an eye out for these hard-working robots, as Starship finishes successful rounds of trial deliveries around the globe and continues to expand their international presence, we can expect to see them in footpaths on this half of the planet in the future.