Super Mario Odyssey Review

For the last 20 years every time I start to play a new Mario game I always tell myself this is too cutesy for me…. I’ve moved to bigger and better gaming…. I need more grit in my games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto……. then 8 hours later my controller’s battery has run out and I need to sit near a power plug charging my controller while I play. I’m tired and want to go to bed but I need to finish just one more level. Man these games are addictive. Mario is the king of platforming games and I struggle to understand how Nintendo hasn’t run out of ideas.

The level design can sometimes be crazy but in a good way with unique and clever ideas that are just brilliant. Variety in almost every area genuinely surprised me. The biggest was “Cappy” who is your magical hat that allows you to possess/control most of the enemies you’ll encounter.  Cappy can also be your co-op partner so my six your old son takes control of the hat with a separate controller. My four year old daughter watches us play and thinks it’s “the best cartoon ever”.  Playing video games while taking care of the kids. Now that’s gold. So we’ve finished the story but that just unlocks the game to go back and explore all the levels again, finding secrets we missed which will then open more new levels which I assume will be bloody tough but a hell of a lot of fun.

From: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Out of 10: 10