That’s A Long One

Us guys care way too much about the length and width…of our computer monitors. In quite a few job professions, having to scroll upwards, downwards and side-to-side can sometimes be a very frustrating task. The latest release by Dell can save you a lot of trouble in that long-run. The Dell Ultrasharp 49 measures a whopping 49 inches diagonally and can connect to pretty much any Apple device. The dual QHD monitor offers a 5120×1440 resolution speed with a crystal-clear resolution to match. It features a singular device portal to fully charge a 15-inch Macbook Pro and touch bar with 90W of power – alternatively, you can have two laptops working off of it at the same time! A wonderful new monitor by Dell. The only thing that could intimidate buyers is the price. NZD$2,603. The monitor is very much an investment, though. Especially when you care a bit too much about their length and width.