This Is How We Will Live On Mars

M2 gets very excited when Elon Musk does something. He always seems to be in the news coming up with the latest, wackiest ideas like a flame thrower or tunneling under LA.

Now Musk has taken it one step further and promised via Twitter that he’s going to have the first base on Mars no later than 2028. Space giants NASA were quick to reply, saying that a later date of 2030 would be easier to work around. This space project – backed by SpaceX (where he is lead designer and CEO) – came into fruition by introducing of two drawings that depicted this ‘Mars Base Alpha’ colony alongside two Big Falcon Rockets. SpaceX plans to send two humans to the red planet in 2022 and then two more in 2024, if everything goes to plan. It’s an ambitious thought but in true Elon Musk style he’ll probably pull it off and prove us all wrong.