The Deadliest Places & Ways to Travel

Winter is just over, but maybe its time to escape to somewhere warmer. How about before you go I use some very large data sets from the Aviation Safety Network and World Health Organisation to scare you into staying grounded and trapped here.


You know how someone always tells you that you’re more likely to bite the bullet on the way to a plane than ending up in a plane crash? Not particularly comforting really, because it doesn’t rule out your chances of falling out of the sky and now it’s making you worry about an entire other thing at the same time. India takes out the unenviable top spot for most road deaths.

1. India (150,785 deaths)
2. China (58,022)
3. Brazil (38,651)


Most fatal accidents relating to trains usually happen to people outside the train, rather than the passengers. Hence you should spend your entire life inside a train than outside it, thus minimising your chances of ever getting run over by one. Here’s the countries with the worst accidents in 2018. South Africa had more, but less people in total were involved.

1. India (two accidents)
2. Turkey (two)
3. South Africa (three)

By Air

Being the first country to really ramp up air travel, America got to make a lot of commercial mistakes for the rest of the world. Their first aviation accident is dated back to 1968.

1. USA (10 accidents)
2. Spain (seven)
3. Japan (three)

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