The Fine Print

Under the Sea

A mix of classic stripes and novelty prints put a lighthearted spin on the tried and true nautical trend

Hat $320 from Helen Kaminski , Swim shorts $225 and Tote bag $389 by PS by Paul Smith, Shirt $160 by Tommy Hilfiger, Sunglasses $759 by Tom Ford, Flip flops $34.99 by Havaianas all from Smith & Caughey’s

Island Hopping

Add a hint of flannel and olive to a tropical print to give it a sartorial edge.

Jumper $79.99, Shirt $69.99 and Pants $69.99 by Gasoline @ Farmers, Espadrille $219.90 by Merchant 1948

Summer Suiting

Take a smart suit to the next level by adding a fun novelty shirt and perfectly mismatched pocket square.

Shirt $99.99, Blazer $299.99 and Pants $149.99, Loafers $229.99 and Pocket square from $39.99 all from Barkers.

Back to black

Rev up an all black ensemble with an oriental inspired print, perfect for date night.

Jacket $189.99, Jeans $149.99 and Shirt $99.99 by Rolla’s, Sneakers $159.90 by Merchant 1948

A Casual Affair

Keep things easy and breezy with an abstract chequerboard polo worn with great basics.

Polo $179, Shirt $249, Shorts $189 and Sneakers $299 all from Working Style