The Floor Is Lava

Everybody has to be prepared for the possibility of a mass eruption. There are a number of volcanoes that have the power to make a massive global impact – we’re talking major loss of life.

One of those volcanoes is located in Yellowstone National Park in America and, if it were to erupt, it would very easily wipe us all out. Space giants, NASA plan to stop that at all costs. Recent volcanic activity has gotten some experts tapping their knees anxiously. Apparently, Yellowstone has erupted three times before in a super volcanic eruption that has ravaged the planet 2.1 million years ago, 1.2 millions years ago and 600,000 years ago and if the ground were to tremble and quake in Yellowstone now, we’d have about two weeks to prepare ourselves. But that’s where NASA comes in, who have thought of a way to counter mass destruction.

Their idea is to drill 10km into the supervolcano and start pumping it with water and treat it like steam coming out of a kettle. If this initiative goes ahead, there may be a huge decrease in the possibility of a super-eruption, and would only cost US$3.46 billion.

That’s a small price to pay. The United Nations has estimated that if it were to erupt, it would leave the USA with only 74 days of food before giving way to a Walking Dead scenario.
The only gamble with trying to avert a potential global disaster by dropping a lakes worth of water into a super volcano is that it could also trigger the eruption to start.
Oh well, there’s only one way to find out for sure.