Ep.39 – The Future Of How We Work

According to Christian Pistauer, Workplace Strategy Director of Meta5 Group in New Zealand, COVID-19 will dramatically change the commercial real estate sector in New Zealand for many years to come. The proclaimed ‘death’ of hotdesking or activity-based-working might be premature. Economic pressure, demand for flexibility and digitisation will push things into a different direction. The introduction of activity-based-working combined with work from home policies can reduce real estate requirements by up to 30-50 percent.

Christian believes COVID has shown us that we can work from home and we are productive at home. “There will be a shift in the way employees see their workspaces. As many have come to realise, the office does provide a valuable space for collaboration as well as intangibles such as socialising and bond-building. The office will become a hub – a place that employees choose to go to fulfil a certain type of work.”

We talk to Christian not only about the future of the office, but the future of the New Zealand economy and how that will shape the way we work.


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