Ep.16 – The Future of New Zealand’s SME Landscape From the Man Who Helped Shape it

Few people have had the breadth of experience in the SME and startup space like Andy Hamilton has over the last couple of decades. As the former CEO of The Icehouse (now a Director of its investment arm, Icehouse Ventures), Andy Hamilton’s work has helped a vast number of New Zealand businesses survive, adapt and scale. And business of course isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the people that have put their blood sweat a tears into them and the people that depend on them. This is something that is particularly acute at the moment, of course. And so to help bring support to Kiwi SMEs and to share the load, Andy has co-founded Manaaki – an emergency business forum for Kiwi SMEs to get help from advisers and experts. Andy talks about the incredible support that can been found within the business community if you ask for help, his vision for the future and some of the skills that we need to bring into recovery.


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