The House that Boheme Development Built

The saying goes to not throw stones in glass houses. Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds in The Lakes By yoo in the UK, The Glass villa stands almost transparent to the surrounding wildlife.

Conceptually designed by Dutch architecture company, Mecanoo architecten, for developers Boheme Development S.L., the Glass Villa is where art meets nature and magic – where the holiday home appears detached from the ground, almost.

The Scandinavian-style chalet resort, The Lakes By YOO occupies several holiday homes that are each unique in their designs, but the Glass Villa certainly stands out as being the finest architecturally. The villa was designed to be spread over 600 square-metres across three levels. Complete with 360 degree view of the surrounding lake and trees and offering a wealth of experience for a traveller, the villa offers you an opportunity to relax, have your own personal concierge and enjoy the beauty of the Cotswolds.

The villa consists of three interlocked levels connecting to the rooftop terrace by a central stairwell which allows the house to be filtered with natural light. The ground level is split between a huge kitchen, dining area and living room and offers a great place to sit that can be opened out onto the access to the lake. Up the winding stairs, sleeping and working spaces open out with three bedrooms and one master suite. The basement of the house features a private cinema, bar area and games rooms and is situated under the waterline. To take a stay at this house, it’ll cost around NZD$23,500 for a weekend or $47,000 for a week.

Development: Boheme Development S.L.; Concept design: Mecanoo architecten; Developed architectural design: Arquitectura y Ordenación Urbana S.L. AOU SL; Structural engineer: Fernando Sarria; Engineering: INARQ S.L.