The Huawei Mate 10 Series Jumps into the Superphone era

Huawei is making some bold claims about its new Mate 10 series. Its biggest being the world’s first mobile AI-specific Neural Network Processing Unit, within its Kirin 970 AI mobile chipset. What does that even mean? Let’s find out!

The Kirin 970 AI chipset’s specialised NPU, combined with Huawei’s HiAI mobile computing platform, means the Mate 10 Series delivers an impressive 25 times better performance and 50 times greater energy efficiency for AI-related tasks, compared to four Cortex-A73 cores.

Built on advanced 10nm semiconductor manufacturing process, the Kirin 970 features an octa-core ARM Cortex CPU, a first-to-market Mali-G72 12-core GPU. The Kirin 970 also has a new dual Image Signal Processor (ISP) to bring AI to a feature essential to modern and discerning smartphone owners: photography.

The combination of individual and collective intelligence for on-device AI equips the Huawei Mate 10 Series to deliver real-time responses to users. The out-of-the-box benefits include AI-Powered Real-Time Scene and Object Recognition (Kirin has already identified 100 million images), AI-powered Digital Zoom and AI Motion Detection for clearer and sharper pictures. In other words, the phone knows what you are photographing – and adjusts itself accordingly.

Also standard equipment, the AI Accelerated Translator instantly assists in communication between different languages. In fact, the Huawei Mate 10 Series is up to 300 per cent faster than other devices – and it ‘knows’ more than 60 languages. This means users can translate images, websites, and even voices into different languages at the mere touch of a button, all without the requirement of WiFi.

The Huawei Mate 10 Series is also the world’s fastest smartphone supporting super-fast 4.5G LTE connectivity and download speeds. The device comes with the world’s first dual 4G SIM support and dual VoLTE connections, which will allow users to switch between international SIM cards and select which SIM to answer calls from and use for different tasks

But there is a lot more to come. Kirin 970 is an open computing platform, which allows third parties to create new AI applications that take advantage of Huawei’s processing capabilities.