Ep.22 – The Insights That Are Going To Shape Our Recovery

Called Rutherford, out of respect for one of New Zealand’s greatest thinkers, Lord Ernest Rutherford, is a company that is built on helping New Zealand prepare for the new world. While COVID-19 has seen them adapt to produce fascinating insights into what New Zealanders are thinking and feeling right now, they are also working on data that enables them to seek solutions for our country’s change makers and leaders, to questions that haven’t even been thought of yet.

Dr. Gregg Franco is Rutherford’s Head of Insights and Experimentation. Gregg is an experimental psychologist who applies this rigorous and creative approach to the generation of confident, actionable insights. His doctoral thesis is on the elements of a person’s experience that colours most how they make judgements and decisions. In his corporate career, he has adapted the scientific method to facilitate research into customer experience and digital behaviours, which he uses to allow businesses to maximise their effectiveness.

Rutherford’s CEO, Graham Richie, was once described by US Immigration as an “Alien of extraordinary ability”. He has had close to 30 years strategy experience, having lived and worked in Auckland, Sydney, Milan, and Boston. Graham has led strategy on everything from an e-commerce start-up, to America’s biggest financial institution – Bank of America.



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