The Lighthouse

Imagine you have a creepy security camera set up on the mantlepiece facing your door. Now imagine you’re a parent who wants to know something like “When did the kids get home from school?” or “When did the dog last get taken for a walk?”

Lighthouse was designed to seamlessly answer these questions instantly from your phone. The security camera which also acts as an assistant can instantly jump to moments in its recording to show you what you really need to see, without scrubbing through hours and hours of nothingness.

You can set the Lighthouse to tell you about specific events you care about. Simply ask “Ping me if the kids don’t come home by 4pm on weekdays” or “Let me know If you see my best friend sneaking around with my wife.” It’s so much better than being told “something moved” for the umpteenth time.

The design team behind the Lighthouse have gone to great lengths to avoid the pitfalls of false positives. Lighthouse eliminates false alerts using a 3D sensor and machine learning, so it only notifies you when it detects actual movement triggered by a person it doesn’t recognize.

You can even sort of use it as a quick way to skype people when you’re away from home. Lighthouse recognizes natural gestures, like a simple wave. So while you’re away from home, your kids can wave to the camera to send you a hello that goes right to your phone. With two-way talk, you can say hello right back. It has two way talk with a speaker and microphone, so you can communicate quickly and easily.

It integrates easily with more Lighthouse’s around your home. So you can canvas your entire kingdom, protecting it from threat and knowing everything that goes down. A fun feature is being able to sound alarms on the Lighthouse, great for scaring the crud out of family members or home intruders.

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