The Man Behind Your Look

You probably wouldn’t know his name, but you know his look – Dieter Rams. The most influential and appreciated industrial designer in the modern era for his “less, but better” approach to product design and functionality.

If you don’t have something currently on hand that he’s directly influenced, you’ll have held, worn or used one at some point in your life. The head designer for Braun from 1961-1995, (and consultant thereafter) Rams has directly influenced products as we know them, such as Apple’s iconic minimalist design from Jonathan Ive.

*Tested against 3 day beards vs top tier product of leading brands.

The New Braun personal care range takes no exception to Ram’s thought, expressing superior performance with the award-winning aesthetic to match – these grooming & personal care tools are to be shown off, not tucked away in the drawer.

Meet the Series 9. The iconic foils from the 50’s and 60’s meets intelligence boosted by a 32-bit processor that reads and adapts to your beard over 13x per second. Power is delivered when and where it’s needed most to one of its 5 ‘floating’ shaving elements. Independently tested to be the world’s most efficient and gentle shaver*.

Now don’t feel left out if you prefer a bit of facial fur. The updated trimmer range not only carries across the autosensing smarts of the series 9, but lifetime lasting blades will be sure to keep you from going ‘bush’ for years to come.

It’s safe to say you won’t be wanting more out of your grooming device – whether for performance or to own a piece of iconic design history.