The Monkey Mixer

Ever wanted to know what a construction worker uses to mix their cocktails? A cement mixer, that’s what. Or that’s what it appears when whisky-marque’s big name, Monkey Shoulder, comes out with an 11,000 litre cocktail shaker in the style of exactly that. I mean, it mixes about 123,000 bottles of the blended malt Scotch. Yikes.

Launched into the world in May at London’s premiere, Foodies Festival, this machine has been driving around the UK and the US, making stops at whisky and food events, taking ‘pimped-outwheels’ to the next level.

John Wayte, UK ambassador, said that “The Monkey Mixer” is a vehicle that will drive this mission in an unmistakably Monkey Shoulder way across the country, and hopefully turn whisky perceptions on their head.”

Oh, it’s turning whisky on its head, alright. It measures 27 feet long and 13 feet wide and mixes the infamous ‘Boom Box’ cocktail which includes whisky, cold press coffee liqueur, vanilla and coconut water. The mission is simple – to drive around the world and spread the word of Monkey Shoulder.

With its 5000 watt diesel commercial generator, this truck is also a pretty mean vehicle. Complete with canary yellow paint and black finishes, it looks eye-catching and packs a punch. It is also kitted out with a DJ booth, sound system and reflective bar.

WARNING A crane is required to use the accompanying muddler