Ep.33 – The Power Of Business To Do Good For The Planet

Dave Rouse is the CEO of CarbonClick, which bridges the sustainability gap through delivering certified carbon offset projects either at the point of sale or via a subscription. He’s also passionate about preserving our marine ecosystems and is a founding trustee of the zero administration, registered charity – SeaCleaners. He is an investor and entrepreneur with a history of “Triple Bottom Line profitability and business excellence through strong leadership” but there is something else that is also driving him and that is the power of business to also create positive change. “Our planet, like the Titanic, has been on an unsustainable “collision course” with businesses apparently asleep at the wheel or distracted by short term financial profits. The ship has almost stopped, representing perhaps the only opportunity in our lifetime, to change its course!” We talk to Dave about what that new course could be and how we get everyone onboard.


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