The Retro Bike Of The Future

Designer and entrepreneur, Taras Kravtchouk announced the concept designs for two new bikes – a cafe racer and a flat-bar scrambler last year. These bikes are going to be released under Brooklyn-based electro-motorbike company, Tarform.

Both bikes are going to be electric, running off rechargeable energy but the actual battery power, range and torque are not set in stone just yet. The retro designs feature dual shock rear suspension, CNC-machined handlebars, LED headlights and tidy LED tails. The simple design makes the bikes look fresh and new. The dash of the bike is going to be displayed on a circular board, and will be able to use AI technology that can analyze traffic and the best route to take whilst travelling and cameras around the bike will act as mirrors. The starting prices for this bike is planned to be around US$28,000 and is hoping to be delivered later this year.