The Smartwatch Which Tells You When You’re About To Have A Heart Attack

Rated as the coolest Smart Watch to come out of CES, this is one piece of wearable tech that will keep you in tip top health.

The Withings Move ECG is one of those watches you look at and can’t be too sure. Is it an actual watch? Or is it Smart?

Why not both? This watch might sit in the pile of old, discarded fitness trackers, but not when you find out its most impressive feature. It takes on-demand electrocardiograms (ECGs). What are electrocardiograms? Basically, it’s reading the electrical current going through the heart! It also reads your sleep pattern, walking, reading, swimming and cycling activity. With its 12 month battery life, the watch is bound to be popular amongst watch enthusiasts. It looks very, very cool too. It’s looking at a release date of April this year.