The Ultimate 4K Home Theatre Experience

Epson has been the world’s number one projector manufacturer since 2001. Recently they’ve launched their new 4K PRO-UHD projector technology, which is more than just a resolution specification, 4K PRO-UHD uses proprietary dedicated processors to deliver all the necessary elements for the ultimate 4K big-screen experience – brilliant brightness, crisp colour and dramatic detail. Epson 4K PRO-UHD achieves brilliant brightness thanks to HDR10 (High Dynamic Range 10) and 100% balanced colour brightness.

The range was specifically designed so that movies can be shown the way they were meant to be seen — on the big screen, with no rainbow effect creating an exceptionally immersive viewing experience. An even brighter, higher quality, HDR experience also allows the projectors to be used outside of a dedicated home theatre room.

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